CLE focus on research and development、manufacture、sales:precision magnetic connectorprecision magnetic charging cable connector、to provide customers with magnetic solutions.

With the development of the market,CLE continued to expands investment and inject new blood to increase the strength of R&D.

CLE not just sales the products,the reason of other factory is our design and R&D capabilities,as well as our strong support from back-up forces.we believe that a outstanding teams can be finish great work.our team is expert in their filed and experts of the problem assembly every day.In research and development of magnetic connector ,we have invested all enthusiasm and not fear every difficultly and exchange.rely on our responsibly and customers trust to achieve breakthrough of core technology.So that magnetic products can be more convenient,safe,efficient to service human,close to human expectation,deeper into human life.

CLE’s R&D team is united into one force, helping each other and continuously breaking through innovations in products to continue to enhance our overall strength , meet the conditions of an international vision,  enabling CLE’s products can have the opportunity to in-depth human life, even to the world.