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An Introduction Of Magnetic Cable Connector

Magnetic cable connector are also called magnetic charging cable、magnetic connector charging cable、magnetic data cable and mainly used in smart wearable、smart robot、 VR equipment、3C digital、smart home、medical equipment、UAV、led industry and so on electronic products to achieve charging、transmission of signals. Magnetic cable connector include pogo pin 、housing、magnet(Fe-Ni alloy)、cable. Products Structure In terms of product structure,magnetic cable connector include the [...]

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Magnetic Connector advantages

Magnetic Connector manufacturer in China. CLE offer a range of Magnetic Connector and Magnetic Cable Connector. Magnetic Connector have multiple advantages: 1.Humanized design automatic adsorption connected experience; Easy operation; 2.Humanized anti-fall interface, uses a magnetic interface to remove the device easier; 3.Shape customized to meet with product shape matching,improve the value of magnetic products; 4.You can achieve excellent waterproof design, the host female can achieve dust-proof and waterproof (IPX8); 5.Support a high current (5A-10A), faster recharge, with less operating time; 6.Excellent corrosion rating (48H-120H) meet the harsh environments; 7.Magnet positioning, use of magnets and structure to dual circuit protection reach distinguish the direction( It is us er-oriented and user- friendly); 8.Provide a reliable high RF signal transmission. Our connector is USB 2.0 ; 9.Self-developed 2-5pin standard magnetic products, no mold cost, suitable for a [...]

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An introduction of CLE magnetic products application

With the progress of science and technology, technical innovation, Dongguan CLE  Technology Co., Ltd. through continuous reform and innovation, conform to the development of society, and constantly develop to adapt to the modern trend of magnetic cable connector. CLE has developed a series of new magnetic products used in various fields.   Magnetic Connector and Magnetic Cable [...]

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what is the magnetic connector

  What's the Magnetic connector also know as magnet connector、magnetic connectors,is widely used in electric equipment one of the connectors,it’s mainly a connectors between pogo pin and magnet.The structure design of charging and transmission signal through the magnet contact with the magnet , it provide a magnetic connector which has a strong adsorption and is suitable [...]

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CLE will display newest magnetic connector in CES exhibition

CLE will display newest magnetic connector in CES exhibition As we all known CES exhibition is a world’s event. You can see new design, new products,new technology here. CLE will be exhibiting at the CES 2018 during January 9-12, 2018 in US. At the show, CLE will exhibit various kinds of magnetic connector and magnetic cable connector [...]

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