4 Pin magnetic cable usb connector for smart watch

4 Pin magnetic cable usb connector for smart watch

  • Smart watch(CM-BP23911)
  • Magnetic force: 1 N
  • Rated Voltage&Current: DC 12 V,1 A
  • Life test: 20,000 cycles,Long life
  • Automatic adsorption ; Easy operation


CLE has over 6 years magnetic connector development experience, the successful development experience of nearly 50 products applications in many fields; products related to medical, automotive, electronics equipment, consumer electronics, intelligent wearable devices, etc. 4 Pin magnetic cable usb connector for smart watch is also called 4 pin smartwatch magnetic charging cable connector.

If you want to upgrade your products charging way,We will   give you a satisfactory solution.

4 Pin magnetic cable usb connector for smart watch

2Pin magnetic cable usb connector for smart watch

CLE professional design and manufacture magnetic connector, magnetic cable connector for customer.

You just need provide us your ID and description your products application with your requirements to us, then our engineer will give you suggestion and we also can help you to finish your products design, or CLE design it for you if you needed.

Attention: All application just for your reference, if you have any requirements about redesign your products to upgrade it and use magnetic connector welcome to contact us.


Dongguan CLE Technology Co.,Ltd is a subsidiary of CFE Corporation Co.,Ltd. Focus on research and development, manufacturing, sales: precision magnetic connector, precision magnetic charging cable connector, to provide customers with magnetic solutions .

With the prospect of magnetic products and the development of market potential, as well in order to better and faster into the market with more focused, professional, concentrate on development of magnetic products, CFE Corporation Co,Ltd., has separated the magnetic connector product line and set up CLE Technology Co.,Ltd  as independent

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