Many electronic products use an electrical connection mechanism known as a pogo pin magnetic connector or magnetic connector. On the basis of the pogo pin connector, add a magnet combination to become a magnetic connector. The magnets are NdFeB permanent magnets, which ensure a stable and reliable connection between the male and female ends. Magnetic connectors are the most popular connectors that have become due to their superior durability, resistance and wide range of applications.


The structure of magnetic connector

The magnetic connector consists of a male end and a female end as a set. The most typical product male end consists of a pogo pin, a shell, a magnet and a housing. The female end is to replace the pogo pin with a solid turning parts pin. According to the connection method, the magnetic connector is divided into the following three categories: 180° plug-in board, 90° plug-in board, and welding cable.

Magnetic electrical connector usb charging for medical equipment


Application of pogo pin magnetic connector

  • Automobile industry

The following magnetic connector is applied to the car. At the same time, such as electric bicycles and electric scooters, some in-vehicle products also commonly use magnetic connectors. Usually, the magnetic connector realizes the functions of signal transmission and current transmission.

  • Medical industry

Today, many small  medical application designs needs it. Not only are these connectors robust enough to withstand the normal stress, vibration, etc. that wearable medical devices encounter in private homes and public buildings. And stringent environmental requirements can be met without compromising quality and design.

  • Consumer Electronics Industry

Magnetic connectors are also most commonly using in the consumer electronics industry, such as smart watches, electronic cigarettes, desk lamps and other electronic products. Because of its small size, thin thickness, and fast current transmission. It can give the product a better experience.

Advantages of magnetic connectors

  • Automatic adsorption, self-locking interaction, automatic disconnection, will not damage the connection port
  • 100% self-positioning
  • Zero force docking
  • The most suitable structural design ensures the reliability of the connection
  • Can withstand a certain degree of vibration and shock
  • Capable of delivering high currents up to 40A
  • High life
  • Good EMI function
  • Waterproof grade reaches IP68

How to choose a reliable manufacturer?

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