Scientific and technological progress brings improvements in living standards. In the small details of daily life, some household electronic products are enough to enhance people’s happiness. People are changing from focusing on food and clothing to focusing on improving the quality of life.

An electric toothbrush is a type of toothbrush. It produces automatic and rapid bristle vibrations. The brush head rotates alternately in clockwise and counterclockwise directions to achieve the effect of cleaning teeth. As the name suggests, electric toothbrushes are usually powered by batteries.

What are the charging methods for electric toothbrushes?

Electric toothbrushes on the market are generally divided into the following types: wireless charging, Type-C, pogopin magnetic charging.  Among the above charging methods, pogopin magnetic charging will be a hot trend in the future.  There are two pogo pin contact charging methods for electric toothbrushes: one is base contact pogo pin charging. That is, put the electric toothbrush on the charging base to charge.  Similar to how wireless charging operates. This charging method allows you to charge it at any time.  The other is pogo pin magnetic charging connection, which automatically adsorbs and aligns, saving time and effort.

electric toothbrush pogopin magnetic charging cable

Both of the above two charging methods use pogo pin. When the solid pin at the bottom of the toothbrush comes into contact with the charging base or the pogo pin at the other end of the magnetic cord. The spring of the pogo pin on the male end contracts, and the pogo pin on the male end and the solid pin on the female end are connected to achieve current conduction.

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