As a popular and commonly used electronic product, I believe that everyone is no stranger to laptops. At present, there are two main types of charging connection methods for laptops on the market. One is the traditional connection method, which mainly includes: USB type-c interface, DC interface, etc. The other is the magnetic connector interface.

In 2006, MagSafe was first used on Macbook, which is a magnetic connector specially designed for laptops. This Macbook which used magnetic charging was loved by many customers after its launch. However MagSafe was discontinued in 2016-2019. Until 2021, the latest Macbook Pro laptops started using MageSafe 3. Magnetic connectors are back on Macbooks.

MacBook Pro can still be charged using the USB-C port. But using MagSafe 3, the magnetic connector charging port, allows for fast charging: up to 50% in 30 minutes. Using the magnetic connector to charge can prevent damage to the laptop caused by accidental pulling of the charging cable. When the charging cable is accidentally pulled, such as being tripped over, the charging cable with the magnetic connector interface will automatically separate from the laptop, so it won’t drop the laptop to the ground. This is also an important reason why laptop brand companies choose to use magnetic connectors for charging.

Apple MacBook Pro MagSafe

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