Magnetic connectors are also called magnet connectors, pogopin magnet connectors, magnetic connectors, etc. The composition of the magnetic connector is spring pin magnet, plastic, molding, etc. The function of inside pogopin is charging, which can be used for charging and signaling at the same time. As a new favorite in the charging market, magnetic connectors have been widely used in many consumer electronics products in recent years. Such as smart wear, smart glasses, smart home, aerospace, industrial equipment, etc.

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In the past three years, sales of many consumer electronics products have declined due to factors such as the epidemic, inflation, and slowing consumer demand. However, there is one industry that has risen strongly in this downturn, and this is smart home.

According to IDC, in 2023, about 44% of smart home devices will support access to two or more platforms, enriching user choices. Whole-house intelligence is the trend of smart homes moving from single-product intelligence to whole-house intelligence. At the same time, consumers have also switched from liking the individual functions of a certain product to a home-like experience of intelligent interconnection throughout the house. The main application scenarios of

Whole-house smart home Therefore, the electronic connection in whole-house smart home has become the top priority. The popular pogopin connector and magnetic connection charging have become the first choice of engineers, such as used in smart switches, sockets, sensors, etc. Accessories. Pogopin, also called spring pin, has the advantages of small size, large current, strong contacts, beautiful appearance, and stable performance. The magnetic connector has the following characteristics: 1. Automatic adsorption in one second, simple and fool-proof operation; 2. Strong magnetic magnet adsorption, anti-fall; 3. Long life, can reach for 100,000-200,000 times; 4. Small space, Beautiful, high current, can be customized to 10-40A, etc.; 5. Dust-proof and waterproof function.whole-house intelligence are mainly residences, hotels, and commercial buildings. It usually takes intelligent control as the core to realize important scenarios of product interconnection and mutual integration of people and products.

How to choose a reliable pogopin magnetic  solution provider?

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