In recent years, the smart wear industry has developed rapidly. Many smart wearable products emerge one after another. For example, a smart wearable product used to monitor some health data of the human body—smart bracelet. After the user wears the smart bracelet, the smart bracelet can automatically record some of the user’s living habits. Such as sleep, exercise, etc. The data is synchronized to the mobile phone connected by the user. Then users can see their daily habits on the mobile phone, which is very intuitive and convenient.

1. Charging method of smart bracelet & smart watch

At present, the mainstream charging methods for smart bracelet watches on the market are magnetic connector charging and magnetic wireless charging. Taking the smart watch bracelets of Apple and Samsung as examples, they mainly use magnetic wireless charging. The smart watch bracelets of Huawei and Xiaomi use the charging method of magnetic pogo pin contacts. Of course not every electronic device is designed exactly the same. Only products that are suitable for user experience and enhance the happiness of using the product can survive the fierce competition.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of magnetic connectorcharging and magnetic wireless charging

The principle of pogo pin magnetic connector charging is to expose two positive and negative poles. When the peripheral bracelet is charging, the male pogo pin on the charger and the female end of the solid pin on the product will be magnetically attracted together to complete charging. Magnetic wireless charging is different from magnetic pogo pin contact charging. It is an integrated charging tray that will not come into contact with the outside world. This is the key to charging better than pogo pin magnetic connector. Because the charging method of the magnetic pogo pin contacts exposes the positive and negative poles to the outside world. So it will inevitably cause oxidation or corrosion problems. However, from the perspective of charging efficiency, pogo pin magnetic connector charging is better than magnetic wireless charging. pogo pin magnetic connector  for smart watch

3. Pogo pin magnetic connector solution provider worthy of cooperation

CLE focuses on the problemsand pain points of pogo pins and magnetic connections. Summarizing the above charging methods for smart watch bracelets, the charging efficiency of pogo pin magnetic connector is higher than that of magnetic wireless charging. The only downside is oxidation and corrosion issues. CLE’s innovative self-developed electroplating surface treatment solution, which can prolong the service life of the product, and ensure stable charging efficiency. At the same time, CLE also strives to achieve perfection in terms of quality. For smart wearable products, we also provide customers with reliable product corrosion resistance testing, salt spray testing, sweat testing reports, etc.