Magnetic Connector advantages

Magnetic Connector manufacturer in China. CLE offer a range of Magnetic Connector and Magnetic Cable Connector. Magnetic Connector have multiple advantages: 1.Humanized design automatic adsorption connected experience; Easy operation; 2.Humanized anti-fall interface, uses a magnetic interface to remove the device easier; 3.Shape customized to meet with product shape matching,improve the value of magnetic products; 4.You can achieve excellent waterproof design, the host female can achieve dust-proof and waterproof (IPX8); 5.Support a high current (5A-10A), faster recharge, with less operating time; 6.Excellent corrosion rating (48H-120H) meet the harsh environments; 7.Magnet positioning, use of magnets and structure to dual circuit protection reach distinguish the direction( It is us er-oriented and user- friendly); 8.Provide a reliable high RF signal transmission. Our connector is USB 2.0 ; 9.Self-developed 2-5pin standard magnetic products, no mold cost, suitable for a [...]