Magnetic pogo pin connector

Magnetic Connectors

  • Humanized design automatic adsorption connected experience; Easy operation
  • Uses a magnetic interface to remove the device easier
  • Operate in a long life cycle. It supports 100,000-200,000 reattachment life times
  • Support a high current (5A-10A), faster recharge, with less operating time
  • Excellent corrosion rating (48H-120H) meet the harsh environments
  • Excellent scalability interface,Can be achieved
Magnetic charging connector and cable

How Magnetic Connectors Work?

  • Both sides magnetically connect when placed in proximity to each other
  • Light at the back of plug indicates power is flowing
  • When the sides are pulled apart, power flow stops immediately
  • They avoid short circuits as the connectors repel each other, and if they attract it is on the insulated parts (as both connectors free the same magnetic pole)

Applications of Magnetic Connector

  • Wearable devices (smart watches, pet locator, smart bracelet) charge/cable
  • Laptop, tablet PC, PDA, handheld data terminal;
  • Medical equipment, wireless devices, data communications equipment, telecommunications
    equipment, automation and industrial equipment;
  • Aviation, aerospace, military communications and military electronics
  • Automobile, automobile navigation, tester and measurement equipment

CLE Technology Co.,Ltd

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