[CM-BP99701] 2Pin watch magnetic charging cable connector

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[CM-BP99701] 2Pin watch magnetic charging cable connector

  • P/N:CM-BP99701
  • Magnetic force: 3 N
  • Rated Voltage&Current: DC 12 V, 0.5 A 
  • Life test: 50,000 cycles , Long  life    
  • Environment: anti-corrosion,48 hours salt-spray test
  • Pass Rohs, reach, HF, environmental protection
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2Pin watch magnetic charging cable connector.Through the CLE’s strong strength,we succeed in solving the problem between magnetic charging cable connector and smart watch.All cables are tested more than 50,000 cycles,which shows it has long life and high quality.All of this stems from our desire for talent,constantly commitment to innovation no matter what we meet.

Female Part- – –Specification of  2Pin watch magnetic charging cable connector

2Pin watch magnetic charging cable connector

Products 2Pin watch magnetic charging cable connector
Model No. CM-BP99701
Voltage & Current 12 V, 0.5 A
Cable Shape Round cable, flat cable
Material PVC, TPE, Silica gel
Cable End USB, JST,Adapter, Open circuit
Certification RoHs, Reach, HF
Application Smart watch
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1.Magnet use NdFeB material, it’s can keep the magnetic force forever (except high temperature、broken、same pole connection)

2.Magnet exist magnetic field interference

3.Can design short-circuit protection


CLE Standard

1.Insist on original design, from ID to finish design,open molding and test、production Integration is complete .

CLE Strength

1.R & D team independent design and development capabilities, can be customized with product development; you just have an ID, we will do the left for you,free development,R&D time 3-5 working days.

2.Product projects of multi-program selection, round, square, rectangular, shaped connection with the flexible use of the way to achieve beautiful appearance, saving space, easy plug, magnetic force can achieve 1N to 30N.

3.Connection way:magnet to magnet,magnet to alloy,magnet to Iron sheets and so on,to meet different structure and application, avoid magnetic field interference, use NdFeB magnet, it’s can keep the magnetic force forever.

4.CLE have 6 years experience of R&D magnetic connector, nearly 50 products in  many areas of successful application development experience; products  related to medical, automotive, electrical, consumer electronics, intelligent wear equipment.



Dongguan CLE Technology Co.,Ltd is a subsidiary of CFE Corporation Co.,Ltd. Focus on research and development, manufacturing, sales: precision magnetic connector, precision magnetic charging cable connector, to provide customers with magnetic solutions .

With the prospect of magnetic products and the development of market potential, as well in order to better and faster into the market with more focused, professional, concentrate on development of magnetic products, CFE Corporation Co,Ltd., has separated the magnetic connector product line and set up CLE Technology Co.,Ltd  as independent

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