Pogo pin magnetic connectors are widely used in consumer electronics, medical equipment, robots and other fields. Nowadays, a product upgrade revolution has also begun in the field of sports and fitness. As for the fascia gun, this year’s new favorite in the fitness field, the magnetic connector provides a new idea for the charging interface.

The main charging interface method of the fascia gun

The main function of the fascia gun is to transmit force and vibration to the fascia of the human body through high-frequency vibration. This has the effect of increasing tissue blood flow and relaxing muscles.Common charging interfaces currently on the market include Micro USB, USB TYPE C, DC interface, and the increasingly popular magnetic interface. For example, Merach and Honor’s fascia gun products. There are many types of charging interfaces, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The increasingly popular magnetic interface is an upgrade and innovation of fascia gun products, innovating new charging methods.

fascia gun

Advantages of magnetic connectors

  • The pogo pin magnetic connector has the following advantages when applied to fascia guns:
  • The magnetic connector plug-in-free charging, the male and female ends are attracted to each other, that is, the power flow. Pull lightly to disconnect power. Compared with traditional plug-in charging, it avoids the problem of accidentally pulling or mixing the fascia gun and causing it to fall.
  • The male and female ends adopt fool-proof design. Even in a dark environment, you can easily charge the battery with the lights off.
  • The magnetic connector is small in size and takes up less product design space. It can meet the appearance design of the product without affecting the aesthetics of the product.
  • The magnetic connector can be connected to the USB interface according to customer requirements. The current can be customized according to customer requirements, providing customers with customized solutions.

magnetic charging connector in fascia gun


How to choose a suitable magnetic connector solution provider?

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