[CFA-0248] CLE professional customization Round magnetic charger connector

[CFA-0248] CLE professional customization Round magnetic charger connector

  • P/N: CFA-0248
  • Rated current & voltage:DC 12 V 1 A
  • Convenient connection for automatic adsorption
  • Environment: anti-corrosion,48 hours salt-spray test
  • Pass Rohs, reach, HF, environmental protection


CLE professional customization Round magnetic charger connector. CLE main products are magnetic dc connector and magnetic cable connector ,Our  product can achieve humanized design automatic adsorption connected experience; The times are improving, and CLE is making progress,we hopes that customers can have a new experience while using this magnetic dc cable connector,not as usual.

Female Part- – –Specification of CLE professional customization Round magnetic charger connector

CLE professional customization Round magnetic charger connector


Products CLE professional customization Round magnetic charger connector
 Model No. CFA-0248
Voltage & Current 12 V, 1 A
Plastic Core HTN plastic (265°C) UL 94 V-0
Pins Copper,phosphor & beryllium copper, SUS
Gold-plating over Ni
Environment Anti-corrosion,48 hours salt-spray test
Installation Screw fixation,solder,structure limit
Certification RoHs, Reach, HF
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1.Magnet use NdFeB material, it’s can keep the magnetic force forever (except high temperature、broken、same pole connection)

2.Magnet exist magnetic field interference


CLE Standard

1.Insist on original design, from ID to finish design,open molding and test、production Integration is complete .


CLE Strength

Quality First

a. The establishment of CNAS laboratory system provides comprehensive testing standards and the testing functions;

b. The operation of the nine systems is the guarantee of the quality level.

Cutting-edge Research

a. CLE has a strong research and development team to provide customized solutions;

b. Owns a number of invention patent technology and simulation analysis ability;

Quick Response

a. CLE global offices provide timely technical support for global customers.

b. Vertical integrated production system ensures timely delivery;

Intelligent Factory

a. Production automation, testing automation equipment development and introduction;

b. Intelligent system construction to maximize the realization of intelligent information;

Plating Technology

a. CLE has more than 20 years of experience in electroplating engineers,

b. Core electroplating technology factory is registered;



Dongguan CLE Technology Co.,Ltd is a subsidiary of CFE Corporation Co.,Ltd. Focus on research and development, manufacturing, sales: precision magnetic connector, precision magnetic charging cable connector, to provide customers with magnetic solutions .

With the prospect of magnetic products and the development of market potential, as well in order to better and faster into the market with more focused, professional, concentrate on development of magnetic products, CFE Corporation Co,Ltd., has separated the magnetic connector product line and set up CLE Technology Co.,Ltd  as independent

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