The 5G era has brought more smart devices that are beneficial to human beings, and smart wearable products are in the ascendant. Smartphones bring people closer together, smart watches focus on people’s health, and VR devices allow people to enjoy the ultimate experience in virtual reality. Smart glasses are smart devices designed to liberate people’s hands, and are mostly used in riding, driving, and sports scenarios.

The advent of smart glasses dates back to 2012, Google has released the first-generation smart glasses, which can control to take photo, video calling and identify the direction by receiving sound, and as well as surfing the Internet, processing text massages and e-mails, etc. Since then, many different brands of smart glasses have also sprung up on the market. However, the most common shortcoming of smart glasses is battery life. It mainly in two aspects, the battery and low power control. Although the problem not gets some substantive solutions at present, it is necessary to update the charging method. CFE is a solution provider dedicated to providing customers with pogo pin magnetic connectors, and provides its own solutions to smart wearable charging problems.

First of all, the pogo pin magnetic connectors that are applied to high-end products charging has a longer service life, longer plugging and unplugging times than the commonly USB and type-C chargers, and the service life of the pogo pin is also higher than other types of connectors. What’s more, the standard magnetic connection charger is composed of a male and a female. The male is designed with a permanent magnet and a pogo pin. The male and female ends are automatically adsorbed and docked, which is convenient for docking. When the charging cable is pulled vigorously, the male and female is automatically separated from damaging the device. Finally, the solid pin structure of the female saves the space of the device and reduces the weight of the smart glasses. And no nickel release, resistance to electrolysis, corrosion resistance, when you are wearing smart glasses and doing sports, sweating will not damage the device. The magnetic charging method has been applied to a variety of smart wearable products such as smart bracelets, smart watches, and Bluetooth headsets, which bring people a better experience.

Smart Glasses Magnetic Charging Solution