CLE has focused on development,production,manufacturing:Magnetic ConnectorMagnetic Cable Connector.We believe that human thinking has no limits,so we continue to innovate and explore various possibilities.

In recent years, the demand for magnetic connectors has become larger and larger, and the competition in the market has become more and more fierce. The birth of magnetic connectors is a manifestation of human progress and technological development, at the same time, magnetic products will be the trend in the future, because there are more and more customers need create new products with high technology and individuation. The magnetic charging method brings convenience to human beings. Its humanized design automatic adsorption connected experience, through the contact between magnet and magnet, the contact between magnet and alloy can achieve the function of automatic adsorption and charging.

Magnetic connectors are also used in a wide range of field: Wearables, Medical Equipment, Automotive Industry, Beauty Industry, LED Equipment, Smart Home, Electronics Industry, Virtual Reality Equipment, etc. In many areas, there is a growing demand for magnetic connectors. In order to  adapt to the development of the times, CLE is also constantly breaking through and challenging more application fields. Recently, CLE will release a new high-current (25A) miniature magnetic product-UAV automatic charging device to around the world. This is a unique design to meet customers’ needs for high current product connection. Its overall size is compact and accurate, and it is very convenient to carry. The life cycles are up to 50,000 times.


4 Pin male female magnetic connector for telephone 4Pin male and female magnetic usb cable charger connector