With the development of times and the different experiences and needs of customers,more and more electronic products appear on the market,CLE’s magnetic connectors are used in the electronics industry as a charging application and data transmission.

CLE not only has a mature magnetic connector plans in this connection,but also can provide technical support. At present,the mature magnetic plans has covered the following areas:

  • Wearable equipment:smart watch、Pet locator、smart bracelet、bluetooth headset,etc.
  •  Consumer electronic:Laptop、tablet PC、 electronic lock、electronic bike、smart water cup、hand-held data terminal,etc.

  • Medical industry(medical device、beauty equipment )、wireless equipment、data communications equipment、telecommunications equipment、automation and industrial equipment,etc.
  • Aviation, aerospace, military communications and military electronics,etc.

  • Vehicle, vehicle navigation, test and measurement equipment,etc.

Magnetic Cable Connector Customized magnetic connector with LED

If you’re interested in purchasing magnetic connectors or you want to solve the problem of Products application Charging and data transmission.

Our sales team is here to help with any questions or if you need to request a quote for custom design on your magnetic connector order.

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