As one of the most popular charging cables nowadays, pogo pin magnetic charging cable bring customers a better experience in terms of product innovation. The pogo pin magnetic charging cable product itself also involves many processes. This article mainly introduces the plastic molding process, a very important process in magnetic charging cables.

Plastic molding is the process of molding various forms of plastic into products or blanks of the desired shape. There are as many as thirty types of molding methods. The choice of plastic molding mainly depends on the type of plastic (the type of plastic here refers to thermoplastic or thermosetting), the starting shape, and the shape and size of the product. Currently, CLE products use a variety of plastic molding processes, mainly injection molding and insert molding.

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  1. Injection molding

The principle is to add granular or powdery raw materials into the hopper of the injection machine. The raw materials are heated and melted into a flowing state, driven by the screw or piston of the injection machine. It enters the mold cavity through the nozzle and the mold’s pouring system, and hardens and shapes in the mold cavity.

  1. Insert molding

Insert molding refers to loading pre-prepared inserts of different materials into the mold and then injecting resin. A molding method in which the molten material and the insert are joined and solidified to form an integrated product.

Excellent pogo pin magnetic connector solution provider

In terms of pogo pin magnetic charging cable component products, CLE mainly produces two categories. One is the built-in cable, which refers to the cable assembly located inside the device. It is generally installed inside the machine and rarely plugged or unplugged. The second is the external cable, which refers to the cable assembly located outside the device. It is generally installed outside the machine and is usually plugged and unplugged frequently. In addition, CLE also produces and sells pogo pins and other precision hardware products with high quality and long service life. CLE also customize poglo pin or magnetic products according to customers’ individual needs.